About NobelVision

Exceptional Care Starts in the Reception Area

Put reception-area waiting time to good use with NobelVision! Get patients excited about the services you offer with programming that is individually tailored to your practice. All of our consumer-friendly content is designed to increase patient interest in specific procedures while alleviating anxiety about dental treatment.

NobelVision can help you:
  • Expand patient awareness of dental procedures
  • Increase inquiries about available treatments
  • Increase case acceptance and revenues
  • Decrease perceived wait times
  • Reduce patient anxiety
About NobelVision waiting room television.

All the Features You Need in One Product

  • Plug and Play Setup.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Getting started is easy. All you need is a wired or wireless internet connection and a TV to plug into our pre-programmed media player.

  • Practice-Specific Content.

    Practice-Specific Content

    Only services you offer will be featured on your NobelVision broadcast. We can even add videos produced by your office!

  • High-Definition Quality.

    High-Definition Quality

    NobelVision’s small yet powerful media player broadcasts crisp, high-definition video content that is a pleasure to watch.

  • Professional CE Courses.

    Professional CE Courses

    As an added benefit, you can use your NobelVision system to access continuing education courses on demand 24/7.

  • Industry-Leading Content.

    Industry-Leading Content

    Our patient-education videos have just the right mix of evidence-based information, easy-to-understand language and visual appeal.

  • Managed and Supported.

    Managed and Supported

    Once you’re up and running, you won’t have to do a thing. We monitor your system to ensure a seamless broadcast.

Everything You Need Comes In One Box

NobelVision Box.

The amount of new equipment you need to get started with NobelVision is truly minimal. In fact, it all comes in one small box! You will receive a pre-programmed media player filled with educational content from the treatment categories you have selected. All you have to do is plug the box into your TV. As new content becomes available for your chosen treatment categories, you will receive it automatically through your wired or wireless internet connection. Should you have any questions, our support representatives are always standing by to assist you.

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