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Boost Case Acceptance with Informative Content

As a dental professional, you know that case acceptance depends on a patient’s comfort level. And that comfort level, in turn, is largely based on information. NobelVision provides accurate, patient-friendly information on the benefits of the procedures you recommend—and we do it more effectively than any other televised patient-education system. That’s because we have partnered with Dear Doctor, the nation’s leading provider of educational material for dental patients, to create video content that is:

  • Complete, accurate and evidence-based
  • Easy to understand
  • Attention-getting and visually appealing
  • Positive and reassuring
  • Entertaining and fun

Tailored to
Your Practice

The new NobelVision is highly flexible. We offer an ever-expanding variety of dental implant content. In addition, you can now decide what additional dental procedures your patients will learn about while watching NobelVision in your office. This can include everything from tooth extractions to porcelain veneers. Videos you provide can also be added to the mix.

Choose Your Content Categories.

Choose Your
Content Categories

Your NobelVision broadcast will only present information on services you offer, as defined by you.

Incorporate Your Own Videos.

Incorporate Your
Own Videos

If you have created your own video content, we are happy to incorporate it into your NobelVision broadcast.

Types of Content

  • Treatment Overviews

    Treatment Overviews

    These information-packed segments, written under the direct supervision of noted dental specialists, give patients detailed insight into specific procedures. Patients will gain a better understanding of the advantages of the procedure, what steps are involved, and how it will affect appearance and function. These segments are hosted by pleasant narrators who use non-technical, patient-friendly language. Supplemental illustrations and animations are used to clarify particularly difficult concepts.

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  • Celebrity Spotlights

    Celebrity Spotlights

    Celebrities can be highly influential—even when it comes to healthcare decisions. So when a household name like Christie Brinkley says she is “grateful for the dental implant technology that feels and looks so natural,” people take notice. We have produced exclusive interviews with celebrities who share stories about their own oral health and experiences in the dental chair—often for the first time!

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  • Patient Stories

    Patient Stories

    A compelling personal story can pull a viewer in like nothing else. These segments feature real-life patients who describe what it was like to go through various dental procedures, from dental implant placement to oral cancer surgery. Patient stories emphasize not only how dental treatment can change a smile, but also how it can change a life.

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  • Oral Hygiene Instruction

    Oral Hygiene Instruction

    Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction characterizes these oral hygiene videos, which make use of demonstrations, pictures and other helpful graphics. Topics include the most essential aspects of effective homecare, such as how to brush and how to floss.

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  • Oral Hygiene Minute

    Oral Hygiene Minute

    These minute-long segments, narrated by actual dental hygienists, answer a variety of oral hygiene questions. Topics include oral hygiene and dental implants, how to avoid bad oral hygiene habits, when to change your toothbrush, and what to do about bleeding gums—among many others.

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  • Top 5 Countdowns

    Top 5 Countdowns

    Countdowns are an effective way to create suspense while conveying important information. We count down the Top 5 Advantages of Dental Implants and the Top 5 Consequences of Tooth Loss, among many other informative topics.

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  • By the Numbers

    By the Numbers

    Some dental information is best conveyed with numbers. For example, do your patients know that approximately 69% of adults aged 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth, or that dental implants have a success rate of over 95 percent? They will by the time they leave your office!

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  • Fun Facts

    Fun Facts

    Sometimes it’s an interesting tidbit of information that piques a person’s interest in dentistry. We have compiled all kinds of amusing info-bites—complete with eye-catching graphics—on everything from animal teeth, to ancient toothache cures, to the discovery of x-rays.

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  • Notable Quotables

    Notable Quotables

    Here we present inspiring quotes from actors, musicians, sports heroes and other notables regarding the value of a beautiful smile or the importance of good dental health. These statements often come from our own exclusive celebrity interviews. For example, Martha Stewart once told us: “A beautiful smile is authentically yours. It expresses your unique personality, your sense of humor, and your intelligence.”

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  • Dental Trivia

    Dental Trivia

    Your patients will learn some surprising facts with these brain-teasers about movies, television, sports and other subjects—all with a dental focus. For example, Which American Idol winner lost two front teeth while playing basketball in high school, and got them replaced with dental implants? Find out with Dental Trivia!

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  • Seasonal Content

    Seasonal Content

    Throughout the year, holidays, seasonal activities, and public awareness campaigns provide the perfect occasions to deliver important information about oral health. Seasonal segments give your patients timely and useful advice: for example, reminding them to be vigilant for signs of oral cancer during Oral Cancer Awareness Month, to renew their commitment to good oral hygiene during National Dental Hygiene Month, and more.

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  • News Updates

    News Updates

    Your patients want to learn about the treatment you provide, but they also want to stay informed throughout the day. NobelVision allows them to do both, with updated feeds from our news service that play in between our dental-content segments.

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